International Phycological Congresses
Executive Committees (IPC-1 to IPC-5)

The International Phycological Society should like to express its deep gratitude to all those listed here, who have served the Society so diligently and well.

IPC-1: G. R. South (Chairman), A. R. A. Taylor, A. Cardinal, R. T. Wilce; ex officio: Congress Officers G. F. Papenfuss (President) and R. C. Starr (IOC Chair), IPS President (G.F. Papenfuss in 1980–1981, E.M. Wollaston in 1982)
IPC-2: Ø. Moestrup (Chairman), G. Cronberg, B. Heimdal, C. van den Hoek, A. Niemi, J. Rueness, G. R. South, R. C. Starr, J. R. Stein
IPC-3: M. N. Clayton (Co-convener), W. J. Woelkerling (Co-convener), M. A. Borowitzka, R. J. King, I. R. Price, E. M. Wollaston; ex officio: G. R. South (IOC Chair); President and Treasurer of IPS
IPC-4: M. H. Hommersand (Co-convener), R. B. Searles (Coconvener), G. T. Boalch, R. L. Chapman, C. A. Lembi, R. Quatrano, M. J. Wynne; ex officio: G. R. South (IOC Chair).
IPC-5: X. G. Fei (Co-convener), C. K. Tseng (Co-convener), G. T. Boalch, T. A. Norton, R. C. Starr, W. J. Woelkerling, C. Y. Wu

Note: There were no Executive Committees for subsequent IPCs.