In Appreciation

The International Phycological Society should like to express its deep gratitude to all those listed here, who have served the Society so diligently and well.

The primary basis for these lists was that compiled by A. K. S. K. Prasad (with the assistance of D. Hanisak) and published in Phycologia for the 50th anniversary of the Society. Download here. This was "...based on the current edition of the Board of Directors operating manual [updated and revised by the current International Phycological Society (IPS) Secretary, A. K. S. K. Prasad 2011]. The IPS Executive Council Operations Manual was prepared mainly by the Society Officers of 1998–1999, for first distribution in March 2000. Since then, it was revised and updated by then Society Officers in 2003, 2005, 2009 and 2011. The Manual is intended as a guide for Board members and Officers and is subject to periodic revision and update to incorporate future decisions of the Board and further information based on suggestions from Board members. When the IPS was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in California (on 17 July 2007), the revised Bylaws of the society were adopted by the IPS membership. As per the new Bylaws (Article XVI), the Executive Council was renamed the ‘Board of Directors’ and the council members became ‘ordinary directors’."