Nominations Committees

Nominations Committees (from 1983, when an ad hoc committee was approved by the Council, replaced by constitutionally-established committees in 1984; committees
from 1998 onward also include the IPS President, ex officio.)

The International Phycological Society should like to express its deep gratitude to all those listed here, who have served the Society so diligently and well.

1983 A. R. A. Taylor (Chair), R. B. Searles, T. Christensen
1984–1985 G. R. South (Chair), E. M. Wollaston, T. Christensen
1986–1987 C. van denHoek (Chair),M. Chihara,R.C. Starr
1988–1989 R. E. Norris (Chair), V. Cassie, D. G. Mu¨ ller
1990–1991 E. M. Wollaston (Chair), E. C. de Oliveira, L. Kies
1992–1993 J. M. Jones (Chair), R. G. Hooper, C. J. O’Kelly
1994–1995 J. Kristiansen (Chair), D. F. Kapraun, W. A. Nelson
1996–1997 M. J. Wynne (Chair), A. J. K. Millar, J. L. Olsen
1998–1999 E. J. Cox (Chair), L. Talarico, C. Yarish, C.J. Bird (ex officio)
2000–2001 R. G. Sheath (Chair), W. A. Nelson, A. K. S. K. Prasad, W. J. Woelkerling (ex officio)
2002–2003 A. W. Coleman (Chair), B. Kloareg, J. A. Raven, M. Melkonian (ex officio)
2004–2005 C. J. Bird, L. K. Medlin, D. Hanisak (ex officio)
2006–2007 J. Brodie (Chair), R. A. Andersen, O.Moestrup, C. A. Maggs (ex officio)
2008–2009 W. H. C. F. Kooistra (Chair), S. M. Phang, P. A. Broady, J. J. Bolton (ex officio)
2010–2011 S. M. Phang (Chair), C. R. Tomas, M. Montresor, M. M. Watanabe (ex officio)